Winzard Empower

Goal Achiever

“Good leaders make people feel that they’re at the very heart of things, not at the periphery”- Warren Bennis

Since goals of Individuals tie in with the Organization’s goals and result in collective success, it is important that we manage them more regularly and effectively.

Winzard gives you an interactive platform to help break goals into work plans while facilitating support and managing challenges on a regular basis. This builds employee ownership, accountability and gives the manager insights that help in monitoring progress.

A person’s ownership quotient is higher when he or she associates themselves with the journey and explores the path. Our Work-planning feature empowers them to look at facts, options and decide on suitable methods to achieve the goal……..

People Assessment

Our unique continuous assessment is linked with the goal management module. This link enables organization and supervisors with a holistic view and not get influenced by the recency effect. Also, supervisors get individual performance insights through the year to be proactive in managing teams.

The easy to use platform facilitates assessment by the individual and supervisor, and flows seamlessly through the management hierarchy for approval. The solution includes holistic assessment of competencies and performance.

The Assessment platform provides great insights on rating composition by various cuts for the Leadership to view and understand the distribution. We also facilitate identification of development needs based on performance and competency assessment.

Talent Manager

Talent is complex and leaders need data to manage and make people decisions.

Not all employees fit a specific process or job.Their potential and capabilities vary. They come with varied strengths and development areas. Performance and achievement of goals does not necessarily mean that the employee suits larger responsibilities or can manage larger teams etc.

We give insights into Career Planning, Succession planning, Attrition management, Job fitment and Development needs using a questionnaire and algorithm developed by Winzard.

Winzard Workforce Experience

An organization with great employee experience makes individuals work as cohesive and happy teams towards the common purpose of the organization.

Our surveys cover and give insights on dimensions and areas of the organization, leadership, managers and individuals.

These insights help leaders and employees introspect and plan conscious efforts towards specific aspects that need attention.

Gain from the actionable insights and make decisions pertaining to workforce wellbeing, engagement, and networking attributes.


Discover the factors driving workforce wellbeing. Dive deeper to recognize the blind spots concerning physical, psychological, social and professional wellbeing of your workforce, apart from other aspects. 

Understand the source of each issue with the help of analytics to make decisions and plan action. 


Employees in all capacities have experiences that impact their engagement at their job and workplace.

Organizations with more actively engaged employees have a higher chance to succeed.

Winzard helps management discover blind spots and factors driving the disengagement. It also helps make action plans for improving engagement levels.

Networking is the art of making and maintaining relationships and can help in exchange of information, support and resources. A person’s influence could depend on how diverse, dense, strong and connective his/ her network is!

An assessment of the current network is done using a simple survey. Winzard gives insights into the network like hierarchical, functional composition etc.

The network affects achievement opportunity. Therefore, strategizing towards a well-defined network using the Winzard Solution will result in a smoother path for self and team success.

Winzard Learning

We understand that Learning is a personal journey for employees and that culture of learning has the potential to enhance the organization’s overall capability. A learning culture helps employees improve their seeking and learning quotient. Higher Learning quotient and growth mindset in people processes translate to higher organization capability.

Winzard learning is a seamless interlinked platform of Winzard Library, learning planner and training planner where learning is driven by both the organization and the individual.

The Organization can use the library platform to house learning material on induction, development needs, videos, industry relevant reference work etc which can be assigned to employees using the Training planner. The Employee can also explore and plan their learning through the Learning planner for enhancement of capabilities.

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