Since most teams are working from home these days, supervision has become complex. Mentoring team members, tracking their performance, and providing timely support are critical but tougher than ever before. And therefore, Supervisors are needed to plan better to retain cohesiveness within teams. While interpersonal skills play a significant role to ensure that accountability and collaboration go hand in hand, a strong process and plan is necessary for a hybrid work environment!

Why an HR Tech Platform Should Facilitate Work Planning We all understand that a fair assessment of employee performance is essential. However, performance assessments are marred with recency effect and supervisors tend to lean into recent interactions or opinions during the appraisal cycle. Also, a record of the method adopted by an employee in the journey of achieving goals and milestone discussions in the period of the appraisal cycle could enable employees to obtain the right and timely direction. Taking the method into consideration in addition to results will make the appraisal discussion more meaningful. This might seem quite counterproductive for an organization that values its people. If an HR platform could facilitate work planning in addition to tracking progress, employees will be able to showcase their plans to achieve their goals and seek timely support. To top that, the supervisor could guide more effectively during the regular check-ins with their team.

What is Work Planning? We understand that goals or objectives for employees are set so that organizations can delegate accountability and plan implementation well. Most organizations employ performance management or OKR systems that help set goals or objectives, facilitate the input of performance, and conduct the appraisal. The journey for the employee begins right after receiving the set of goals or tasks. In the process, employees start planning activities, efforts, and resources. Unfortunately, only a few lay out a structured plan, showcase it to their supervisors and seek feedback. Workplans help employees break their goals into methods. For example: If the objective is to improve service levels by 20%, the employee may plan:

  • Higher effort
  • Improve the quality of resolution
  • Adopt a checklist approach or
  • Seek help from another department.

With an HR SaaS platform like Winzard, employees get to record their plans, challenges and seek support. The platform facilitates regular check-ins between the supervisor and team members. It helps supervisors gain insights and make timely interventions to mentor their team more effectively to achieve goals.

Let’s expand on the advantages you can enjoy with work planning.

Enhanced Performance Tracking and Assessment With work planning in performance management, HR and supervisors refer to system-based data during the performance appraisal process. They no longer have to depend on their intuition or recent interactions to assess how to reward an employee. They’ll have facts at their disposal!

More Ownership and Accountability By implementing work planning into your system, you’re essentially giving your employees the power to plan work. As a result, they’re more involved in the process and will feel accountable for the outcome. Additionally, they’re also able to overcome their challenges and seek help when they want.

Improved Communication and Collaboration During the work planning process, employees delve into the expectations of their leaders and what goals they’re trying to achieve. Additionally, with regular reviews and check-ins in a software like Winzard, they can seek, share and collaborate well. Overall, they’ll consider themselves as a part of a collective working towards a bigger goal.

Final Remarks According to Pew Research Center, 36 percent of employees struggle with feeling motivated to perform well at their work. Since hybrid work is here to stay, you’ll need to find new ways to motivate your employees to learn and grow. Organizational goals can be abstract and confusing to achieve. However, with proper planning, communication, and collaboration, it’s possible to bring everyone on the same page. The work planning sub-module is one of the best ways to ensure active engagement and no employee will feel left behind.