Employee productivity is critical to head towards Organizational success. But employees differ in terms of performance, potential and skills. So, institutionalizing the best path for them is tough.

This is where Winzard’s talent reviews can come through for you! Our system categorizes employees based on various factors that impact medium-term and long-term progress to ensure leaders take appropriate decisions and employees get the necessary inputs to thrive.

Let’s dive a little deeper into understanding a few sets of employees:

  • Suppose Employee X has excellent communication and team-building skills but due to lack of opportunity is stuck with a technical desk job
  • Or Employee Y who exceeds all expectations in their current profile but isn’t getting any recognition. P.S. Companies might lose.
  • Or Employee Z who works hard but needs coaching and insights to make a valuable contribution.

As seen in the 3 instances, we get to understand that the employees’ performance or loyalty is impacted due to varied reasons. A company needs to understand the intricate factors at an individual level to ensure the right decisions are taken to ensure employee performance and loyalty.

Let’s expand on the advantages you can enjoy with work planning.

Enhanced Performance Tracking and Assessment

With work planning in performance management, HR and supervisors refer to system-based data during the performance appraisal process. They no longer have to depend on their intuition or recent interactions to assess how to reward an employee. They’ll have facts at their disposal!

The decision-making process

With Winzard’s Talent Review, leaders can recognize and make individualistic decisions through periodic talent reviews. As a result, you can enhance employee satisfaction, loyalty and ensure they’re productive.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

The tool provides a summary of recommendations - the decisions to be taken against each employee to leaders. Some of the recommendations are given below:

  • Individual Development path
  • Rewards and Recognition at an individual level
  • Potential enhancement
  • Identifies employees who deserve recognition
  • Retention and Succession
  • Questionable positions

Employee churn rate in addition to performance is without a doubt a significant factor every company needs to take seriously.

With Winzard’s talent review software, you can preempt and then plan retention or succession effort that needs to be in place. Sometimes, employees might have the job best suited for them but might still struggle to perform well. Similarly, this tool helps to find out what is the employee loyalty quotient, potential and developmental needs. Such data will help the leadership of the organization create action plans and assign responsibility.

All organizations make decisions to enable employees to drive the organizations' efforts towards growth. But now, with Winzard’s Talent Review tool that gives recommendations of decisions to be taken, leaders find it convenient to review a very simplified dashboard and have a meaningful discussion with fellow leadership team members. They find themselves equipped with information to finalize the decisions for the coming quarter or half-year. HR and L&D teams can manage attrition and plan developmental initiatives with much more clarity and ease. Actions can be planned with a lot of conviction.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate purpose of a talent review is to find the right talent at the right place and give them the right opportunities to grow. Winzard’s talent review process helps leaders improve decision-making and effortlessly place the company on the road to success!