As we enter the new decade, one of the most difficult and crucial areas for organisations to manage would continue to be people and their performance. In a study conducted by Indeed on the top 12 challenges faced by managers, it was found that all 12 challenges fell under various aspects of people management. With the rising number of jobs and alternative options, talent has emerged as one of the single most important asset for any company due to its vulnerable nature. Engaging, empowering and enhancing talent is ever more important as attracting and hiring the right talent.

Winzard offers remarkable people management solutions that promise increased employee engagement, ownership and organisation capability. It’s easy to use interactive platform aided with actionable insights, empowers managers to enable their workforce effectively and engages employees with a purpose-driven approach.

Winzard Modules Include

Goal Achiever

An interactive platform that eases breaking of goals into work plans while facilitating support and managing challenges on a regular basis. While this builds employee ownership and accountability, it gives the supervisor numerous insights that help in managing progress. Our unique Work-planning feature empowers employees to explore facts, options and arrive at suitable methods to achieve the goal. The inbuilt check-ins feature facilitates regular updates from individuals and feedback from supervisors.

People Assessment

Our unique continuous assessment is linked with the goal management module. This link significantly reduces the time taken for the assessment cycle. It also enables the leadership and supervisors with a holistic view and not get influenced by the recency effect. Also, supervisors get individual performance insights through the year to be proactive in managing teams. The easy to use platform facilitates assessment by the individual and supervisor, and flows seamlessly through the management hierarchy for approval. The solution includes holistic assessment of competencies over and above performance assessment.

Talent Manager

Talent Manager Module helps senior management with Talent review, decision making and development. It gives insights into various employee attributes and recommends leadership to take decisions on Career Planning, Succession planning, Attrition management and Potential enhancement using a questionnaire and algorithm developed by Winzard.

We back our product with consulting and workshops to help companies bring about transformation through best people management practices. Workshops are instructor-led and could also be conducted in collaboration with leading industry experts and academicians. The workshops are packed with great content, case studies, group discussion and polls to facilitate peer learning, concept development and experiential learning.